Bible Study Tool

Full bible reading tools with commentary and definitions

Bible journals provides a full bible study tool which allows you to read the bible verses along with other tool to help you better understand.

    Our tools include...
  • Definitions - read definitions form the various dictionaries which are provided
  • Topics - view topics text from major topical indexes
  • Commentaries - view scripture commentaries by verse
  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (TSK) - also know as the Treasury of David.

Additionally, we also provide the ability to read the bible chapter by chapter via the "Bible Reader".  We also have a full outline of the bible books along with short descriptions of each via the "Bible Books" diagram.

Bible Search and Browse

Search the Bible or Browse Scriptures

Search for a word, phrase or series of words within the bible. Full keyword search with the capability to narrow down to a specific Verse. Also, you can limit your search to a single book or several books.
View the results filtered by the chapter.


Browse the bible via book, chapter and verse. Browse to specific verses through our bible browser. Simply click the book, chapter and verses you want to read and you are done.

Bible Study Tool Search and Browse

Bible Commentaries

Bible commentaries aid in the study of Scripture through additional explanation and interpretation. Commentaries provide great supplemental material related to history, authorship, themes and background information related to the bible. Including ...

  • Adam Clarke Commentary
  • Coffman NT
  • Geneva Study Bible
  • John Darby's Commentary
  • John Gill's Exposition
  • John Wesley's Commentary
  • Matthew Henry Complete
  • Scofield Notes
  • C.H. Spurgeons's Commentary 'The Treasury of David'
Bible Study Tool Definitions

Bible Book Diagram

View a list of bible books with a brief description.

Bible Reader

Read full chapters of the bible

The bible book reader allows you to read full chapters of the bible if it were the actual book. Switch to any book and available translation, flip pages and enlarge text to your specifications.